Professor Reinhard Drifte

Emeritus Professor of Japanese Politics, University of Newcastle, UK

Visiting Professor at various Japanese universities.


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Research Interests
Reinhard Drifte’s main research interests are Japan’s foreign and security policy, security issues in Northeast Asia.


Recent Books

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Governing Insecurity in Japan: The Domestic Discourse and Policy response, Co-ed. with W. Vosse and V. Blechinger-Talcott (Sheffield Centre for Japanese Studies/Routledge Series, Sheffield/London HB 2014/PB 2016)

Japan’s security relations with China since 1989. From balancing to bandwagoning? (Nissan Institute/Routledge Japanese Studies Series, Oxford/London 2003); Chinese version with SHIJIE Chubanshe, Beijing 2004. Japanese version with Minerva Shobo, Kyoto 2004

Japan's quest for a permanent Security Council seat. A matter of pride or justice? (Macmillan/St. Antony's College, London/Oxford 1999) ISBN 0333699386; in U.S.: St. Martin's Press, New York; Japanese version with Iwanami Shoten, Tokyo 2000. Chinese version with Dongfang Chubanshe, Beijing 2002

Japan's Foreign Policy in the 1990s: From economic superpower to what power? (Macmillan/St. Antony's College, London/Oxford 1996), 192 pages. Updated version in paperback published in 1998 as 'Japan's foreign policy for the 21st century'; Updated version in Japanese with Kindai Bungeisha, Tokyo 1998

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